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We’ve helped you take care of yourself. Now we’re helping you take care of your best friend.

Zogics Pet may be the new pup on the block, but we are a team that has been making high-quality, eco-friendly bath and body products for people for over a decade. At Zogics Pet, we think lives are more complete with a dog (hey, cats are pretty cool, too!). That’s why we decided it was time to expand our products to include our pets.

For us, every day is bring your dog, err... "furry family member", to work day. Because we are, in fact, a family – some members just have a lot more hair than others. Whether you call your pet your best friend, fur baby or four-legged kid, our products are here to help them look and feel their best.

Product Philosophy

Pets are a passion for us, just like they are for you.

Your pet may play rough, but their skin can be sensitive. That’s why we are dedicated to making the highest quality pet care products so you can take care of your best friend from the outside in. And we are committed to excellence: we use plant-based, non-drying cleansers, we add organic oatmeal and Moroccan argan oil because they soothe the skin, and we leave out dyes and soap because they don’t.

We also include gentle, natural fragrances to keep your pet smelling their best. It’s not just the products we make that are important – how we make them is part of who we are. Our products are made in the USA from premium ingredients that are biodegradable, gluten-free, and pH-balanced specifically for your pets. Everything we create is done with your pet’s wellness in mind.

    Meet the Pack

    We've formulated our products with our own beloved pets in mind. Say hello to the inspiration behind Zogics Pet.
    Thabo (Rhodesian Ridgeback)
    Apollo (Chocolate Lab)
    Tiffany Aldous, Customer Experience
    Jasper (Husky-Wolf)
    Justin Mairo, Operations
    Bella (Yellow Lab)
    Misti Mitchell, OPERATIONS
    Gus (Pomeranian)
    Jon Pierotti, Marketing
    Max (English Springer)
    Misti Mitchell, Operations
    Luna (American Bully)
    Justin Mairo, Operations
    Wally (Lab-Pitbull)
    Misti Mitchell, Operations
    S'Bu 2008–2021 (Rhodesian Ridgeback)
    Paul LeBlanc, Founder & CEO