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Zak George's Professional Dog Grooming Tips

Zak George's Professional Dog Grooming Tips

Zak George's Tips For A Better Bath

From freshening up your dog before a surprise guest visits your home to giving your dog a deep wash, there are many ways to clean your dog.

We’ve teamed up with YouTube star and celebrity dog trainer, Zak George, to share some of his favorite tips and products to keep your dog looking, feeling and smelling their best.

Check out these 4 easy ways to keep your dog squeaky clean:

1. Natural Dog Shampoo

Whether they spend most of their time indoors or get dirty from playing outside, regular bathing is important to your pet's overall health and wellness. You should aim to give your dog a full bath every six to eight weeks.

  • Start by running the water in your shower or if you’re outside, from your hose. Let the water run next to the dog for a minute to give them a little heads up about what’s coming before you get them wet.
  • If they’re not a big fan of the water, ease them into it by spraying them slowly and gently while introducing them to a little dog treat – Whole Life Pet treats are our favorite.
  • Apply a generous amount of shampoo to their coat and lather them up nice and slowly.
  • Once your dog is all lathered up, give them a light massage before rinsing the dog shampoo out.
  • Towel dry or air dry.

Zak's Pro Tip: Follow with fur detangler and conditioner for extra deep conditioning.

2. Dog Hair Conditioner & Detangler

Does your pet have coarse or tangled fur? A dog fur conditioner and detangler spray moisturizes your pet's skin and coat, loosens knots, and detangles mats. The best part? You can use it every either immediately after a bath for deeper conditioning or between baths every two to three weeks for a quick refresh.

  • Spray the conditioning detangler onto your dog’s coat.
  • Use a brush to loosen knots and comb through their fur.

Zak's Pro Tip: Do this more regularly if your dog has coarse or matted fur. This is also a great way to remove dirt and dander.  

3. Waterless Dog Shampoo

Sometimes your pet needs a quick cleaning, whether you’re at home or on the go. Using a waterless dog shampoo when you don’t have time for a full bath is great for cleaning and nourishing your pet’s skin and fur, all with the convenience of a no-rinse shampoo for fast, thorough results.

  • If your dog has never had a waterless bath before, start by pumping a small amount of the foam first and feed your dog a treat while rubbing the shampoo in slowly.
  • Once your dog is used to it, pump some more of the foam, lather and massage to cover the entire coat.
  • No rinse required - just let it air dry.

Zak's Pro Tip: You can use a brush or a towel afterwards if your dog is extra dirty.

4. Dog Grooming Wipes

Grooming wipes can help spot clean any part of your dog or cat from head to tail, and make freshening cleanups in between baths easier. Keep some wipes at home for messy faces or paws and one in your car or bag for whatever mess your pet might get into.

  • Pull a wipe from the tub and apply to the dirty area.
  • Always start gently, avoiding the face at first to ease your dog into it.
  • Take extra care wiping sensitive areas like your dog’s ear or feet.
  • No rinse required—just let it air dry.

Zak's Pro Tip: If this is the first time you’re using grooming wipes, begin by softly touching your dog with the wipe (a treat is really handy here) and once they get used to what’s happening, begin to progress to the desired areas.

Watch Zak George's video The Easiest Way to Keep Your Dog Clean